• Actuarial Science One Of The Top Career In Nation


    We have been reliably delivering good ranker in Actuarial exams. Our bright students have made us proud by securing good rank in Delhi University exams in colleges. Mr Puneet has personally ensured every element of excellence in the faculty and management system. He does not believe in books but instead on knowledge and focuses students to go for learning and understanding concepts rather than mugging them. And Mrs. Silky lamba is coming straight from the industry and now at a place where her heart lies. Visionary on the path of becoming an actuary laid the foundation of The Academic Junction. Corporate Experience combined with on job training helps her to combine real life experiences with theoretical concepts which turns theory subjects into practical and more interesting.


  • Meet Our Faculty

    The Academic Junction faculty bring into the classroom their extensive scholarship and wide-ranging real-world experience. They are passionate about their work and committed to preparing students for the challenges they’ll face in the actuarial profession. Our Faculty members ensure that every class counts. By constantly encouraging and evaluating students’ contributions, they stoke the fires of inquisitive minds, directing the flow of discussion, and bringing out the best.

    Puneet Goyal


    ALL INDIA ST5 Topper, 13 Exams Cleared. Being a master in Maths and Computer graduate, his ability of solving problems will able you to succeed in his subjects. His command on numerical subjects will remove your fear of Numericals and will make Maths and Statistics your favourite subjects. His on the job training will help you to emphasise on active learning and real world examples which will prepare you to become independent learner through his unique teaching methods.

    SIlky Lamba


    ALL INDIA ST4 TOPPER, 14 Exams in Progress. She challenges herself daily to bring out the best from her students to make her Every Class Actually a Learning Class full of discussion which will force you to think and not just assume everything. With a teaching Experience which is increasing with each passing day she has gained 5 rating for herself by gaining students affection by showing consistent results.

  • Mission & Vision


    The Academic Junction understands the soul of the Actuarial industry. We have aligned our business practices to our larger objective of being a premier catalyst in the Actuarial industry globally. We wish to be a global conglomerate, dedicated to the Actuarial profession, but with a clear focus on each of the business.

    We are emotionally engaged with the Actuarial profession and our passion inspires us towards sustainable value creation for our customers. We follow the highest level of professionalism and maintain integrity in all our operations and actions. This approach remains embedded in our ethos even as we rapidly expand our footprints deeper into the global Actuarial market.


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